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Our Brewery

In the early months of 2023, we purchased the award winning brewing equipment at our current site with the vision of creating unique beers for everyone to enjoy. Our first plan was to sell beers from the 8 states starting with the letter 'M', but after our Aussie team saw the letter M and the number 8 together, we knew we had to make Aussie style beers for our mates and all of yours. We hope you enjoy drinking them as much as we love making them for you!

Come visit us 7 days a week for a beer, or Wednesday to Sunday to try our Texas/Aussie BBQ. We are open 4pm - 10pm Monday - Thursday, 11am - 11pm Friday - Sunday and on Ravens Game Days, we open at 9am. Keep an eye on Google for our special hours while we renovate the space and for holidays and special events.


Our Menu

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