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At M8 Beer, we are passionate about making fresh, easy to drink craft beer with an Aussie twist. Our journey began with a group of mates who shared a love for beer and wanted to create something unique. We were presented with the opportunity to open a brewery when the successful Checkerspot Brewery bought their own building and moved out, leaving behind the equipment they used to win awards. With our Aussie roots and love for making high quality beer, M8 Brewery is a fun and interesting place to hang with your mates.  Our tap room serves cold beer straight from tanks where you can try all our different styles of beer. We also offer delicious, Aussie-inspired pub food. Come join us and have a M8 Beer with your mates!

Why Baltimore? Why Aussie Beer?

Jeff grew up on the sunny Gold Coast in Australia and always loved beer, especially craft beer with flavor! Jeff was a professional squash player (silly sport we know), and a post game beer was his favorite! When he came to Baltimore in 1999, Jeff fell in love with this town and when the chance to start a brewery here came, he jumped like a kangaroo! We aren't letting Jeff brew the beer, but we can guarantee he will be trying every single one that we produce the first chance he gets! Come grab a beer with him some time, he loves a chat! 

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